A medical equipment supplier helps to purchase supplies and equipment. Medical equipment suppliers are experts in installing and operating durable medical equipment.

What is the role of a Medical Equipment Supplier?

A medical equipment supplier plays a vital role in improving patients clinical outcome. Patients recovering from surgery or other medical procedures at home might need a medical equipment supplier. Also, patients discharged from the hospital and requiring long-term care needs constant supplies from a medical equipment supplier. In short, they are involved in the supply of durable medical equipment.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Durable medical equipment is supplied to those who have an underlying medical condition but are not on hospital admission. They require these medical equipment supplies to survive and function independently without visiting hospitals all the time. Some people need DME for a short time while others need it for long-term use.

Some notable examples of durable medical equipment include:

  • Crutches
  • Oxygen
  • Wheelchairs
  • Transport chairs
  • Shower chairs
  • Breast pumps
  • C-PAP machine

Usually, patients that need durable medical equipment for a short time could take cost-saving measures by renting instead of outright purchase. An excellent example of this is a pair of crutches needed for a couple of months.

Patients with sleep apnea that will require long-term use of the C-PAP machine, a rent-to-purchase deal is ideal. There are some other DME that one can buy without taking the option of initial rent.

Health Insurance

Most health insurance companies usually cover the cost of medical equipment purchase. You should understand your health insurance policy and know if it includes some durable medical equipment (DME) and a comprehensive list of DME it covers. It is also imperative that the medical equipment supplier’s company cooperates with your health insurance company. Please consult your insurance company to understand their policy towards funding your medical equipment supply.

A company supplying medical equipment should appoint a staff to oversee and handle the insurance claim. The medical equipment supplier representative liaises with insurance companies to ensure all authorisations are in place.

Some health insurance companies only cover wheelchairs once in five years and might not cover for the total cost. There is also some durable medical equipment which is not covered at all because they deem it as not essential medical equipment. The importance of understanding your health insurance cover in regards to the purchase of durable medical equipment cannot be overemphasised.

More about Medical Suppliers

A medical equipment supplier also helps the patient to procure their needed medical equipment. They make use of their wealth of experience and information to purchase proper equipment. Some medical supplies companies appoint support staff that visit patient’s homes to teach and assist them with operating the equipment supplied. They also visit hospitals who may require their services.

A medical equipment supplier plays a vital role in assisting patients in attaining a full recovery within a short period of time. Medical equipment suppliers also ensure a steady supply of durable medical equipment for patients. They collaborate with health insurance companies to improve the health of their subscribers.

Those with broken legs recovering in their homes and breastfeeding moms can benefit from their supply of crutches and breast pumps, respectively. Also, they are integral to helping those patients with special needs like diabetes, or cerebral palsy who require a special kind of medical equipment supplies.

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